What is Expense Management? How it Works

Employee expense management keeps track of what employees spend and determines how the company will compensate them. It also employs the methods and policies utilized to manage this type of expenditure. When employees are given daily meal allowances while on the road, the expense management method considers those limits when calculating reimbursements. The expense tracking software is powerful and simple that tracks business expenses incredibly easy.

What is expense management software

Expense Management is critical because it can help organizations identify areas of operations that gulp the most revenue. It also provides a clear picture of the organization’s finances for effective decision-making and better control over expenses and increases employee productivity to reduce costs. This kind of expense management involves keeping a small sum of money readily available for small purchases that are already pre-approved.Such as office supplies, toiletries, and birthday celebrations. Center also uses machine learning to categorize expenses automatically, improving accuracy and eliminating the need for manual coding at the end of the month. Because expenses will always match the transactions on the connected corporate card, the monthly statement reconciliation process is a breeze.

Once the manager has approved the claim, they forward it to the accounts department for processing. This expense management software is simple yet accurate based on our experience managing thousands of expense reports for clients. The dashboard keeps everything best expense management software 2026 in one place and helps users quickly identify where they are overspending or undercharging. This occurs for a variety of reasons, such as standards not being upheld due to the numerous operational outlets and field personnel across the nation.


Every uploaded expense report has a digital audit trail of all actions ever taken on it. This helps keep the expenses ready for accounting and auditing purposes. Admins can decide the implications and consequences of policy violations in case a reported expense is not in line with your T&E policy. Expense tracking software mergers your expenses, categorize them, and attach them to any report, helping you to eliminate the risk of double entries and expense errors.

What is expense management software

Employees expect to be reimbursed as soon as possible, while employers need to ensure that the expenses comply with their companies policies and approved before being processed. Look for the software that facilitates business travel and expense management. The automated app should include voice recognition, mileage tracking, and expense detection features to help you save time and increase efficiency. Save time and money by replacing paper expense reports and manual approvals with a paperless, automated online solution. Legacy expense approval system are backlogged, thanks to language-based expense policies that pose a higher risk of misinterpretation and rulebreaking. Expense management software offers rule-based expense policies configured within the system, to stop any non-compliant employee expense from being processed.

How to choose the right expense management software for your business?

Spreadsheets and manual data entry was a tedious task, but using expense software for business can automate bookkeeping like never before. Elite expense management software offers accounting integration with most of the leading accounting systems in the world. Volopay can seamlessly integrate with top accounting software such as Netsuite, Quickbooks, Xero, Deskera, MYOB, Zoho, and Tally with real-time updates. Automated expense management software dramatically reduces the likelihood of errors. Small mistakes can go unnoticed and may affect the expense report. Most companies use expense management software to keep track of their employee spending, however, 43% of companies still manage expenses manually using spreadsheets and even paper.

What is expense management software

The benefits of automating this aspect of a company’s operations are well-documented. It’s clear that telecom expense management has many benefits, but what are some of the drawbacks? It is hard for companies to justify a software suite with monthly licensing fees when they don’t know how much it could save them in expenses or if they even have an issue at all. The other downside is not having visibility into telecom costs without TEM. Your employees will no longer have to worry about saving all of their expense receipts, and your finance team will no longer have to physically collect, organize, and store them.

The technology expense management process helps organizations track technology and glean valuable insight into the efficiency and functionality of all their tech-related purchases. Expense management is the process adopted by a business or organization to treat, pay, verify and refund expenses initiated by its employees. It also refers to the policies and systems that guide any spending and the technology used to process and scrutinize its data.

However, the tool does not provide the appropriate end user experiences to ensure this part of your operation is as efficient as possible. Cosine’s Expense Management module for 3E provides expense management and reimbursement features to assist firms with processing general firm and matter related expenses. In a recent study, the average telecom expense management project is $500,000. A company can develop a platform to organize expenses by categories, generate comprehensive reports, and track changes in tax policies. This way, you will maintain data accuracy and mitigate tax risks.

Unlike business credit cards that are directly connected to your business bank account, our cards are preloaded upon request, so your company funds are always safe and secure. Whether it is for office supplies, client meetings, or traveling as a company representative, employees are either provided cash advances or allowed reimbursement to be paid later. In both situations, employees must furnish necessary documents such as receipts or airline tickets for travel expense reporting. Whether you are convinced or not, expense management is a necessary process that often goes underlooked.

Another popular way to manage expenses is by using business credit cards that are linked to the business bank account. Whether you want to ease up the process or grow your company, the benefits of expense management systems continue to become apparent. Analytics can give insights into future spending and can even give recommendations when expense management policies need to be adjusted. In the long run, this could save your company time, money, and excess stress. By eliminating the need for manual expense tracking, you can use the time saved to analyze your financial data rather than collecting it.

Expense Management Software Features & Capabilities

The platform creates unbiased lists of the top software solutions by category, helping businesses find the right solution for them. The software is critical for maintaining data accuracy and allows no mistake. It helps you in differentiating legitimate and illegitimate expenses and organizes them in categories, and reports on every expense that are claimed accordingly.

When expenditure report data is combined with ERP data, a more comprehensive analysis can be performed across all spend categories and by area, brand, or another business segment. Integration, for example, makes it easier for service providers to link spending to specific projects, removing issues about how expenses should be apportioned or which client should be invoiced to. Time-consuming expense reports, approval processes, or manual data entry are now things of the past. And for those who may not need all the solutions for their business, Moss allows them to compile and customise their ideal expense management software on a modular basis. An automated expense management software is what a growing business of today needs.

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Missing information, approval of spending without a thorough review and slow approvals are all common issues. This not only wastes employees’ time but also leaves employees wondering where their expense checks are (often as they’re already racking up new expenses for the next closing period). Keeping up to date with company regulations can be confusing and difficult. It is estimated that up to 15% of approvals made by managers are based on out-of-date policy.

  • The manual verification process takes time, and reimbursements are likely to be paid only at the end of a month or a quarter.
  • Missing information, approval of spending without a thorough review and slow approvals are all common issues.
  • Every transaction is validated by necessary documentation, creating audit-friendly AP processes from the get-go.
  • Accountants find such an organized medium ideal for internal and external auditing.
  • All of these issues slow down the accounting procedure by delaying the closing of the business’s books, impeding the auditing process, and immediately hurting the brand’s financial health.
  • Now, you can save time by submitting and approving expense reports online and save money by ensuring employees comply with company spending policies.

Thanks to the best expense management software, businesses automate reporting, improve visibility into travel/entertainment (T&E) expenditures, and eliminate human errors. Additionally, organizations streamline processes like payments, billing, reconciliation, and reimbursements. The former method of collecting expenses involved printing copies of the paper, adding receipts, and mailing reports to management for approval or returning them to the employee for adjustment.

How to Efficiently Manage Warehouse Trips and Dock with Warehouse Software

Employees collect paper receipts and submit them to the accounting department for monthly or quarterly approval, which is the traditional and outdated method of managing spending. Earned time, saved https://globalcloudteam.com/ costs, improved productivity, happy employees – achieve it all with a single software. Managers have the added advantage of generating custom reports by querying the data collected by the software.

What is expense management software

Finance teams need to maintain accurate records for financial planning, while corporate leadership uses expense reports to evaluate risk management and identify cost-saving opportunities. This is the traditional—and outdated—way to manage expenses, with employees collecting paper receipts and submitting them to the accounting department for approval on a monthly or quarterly basis. Typically, manual expense management relies on an employee filling in a paper or spreadsheet along with an invoice. After receiving the expenses, a manager or controller manually reviews and approves the request.

What Is Expense Management?

What if you built expense management software for how you’d like to work, not how you always worked before? Brex has allowed our team to easily provide physical and virtual cards for software or one-time purchases. Excellent integration with our corporate cards along with great report analysis.

You can create an approval workflow specific to a particular team. For example, if you are creating an approval workflow for the marketing department, then you can set multi-level approvals with dedicated approvers. This ensures that only valid requests reach the final decision-maker that is worth their time. Want to use SaaS on a trial basis but don’t want to share your business credit card information?

If your company is part of this list, use this badge on your website and social media to let your readers know about your success. Our alert feature lets you see the number of pending requests you have, along with action items , and unread notifications in your taskbar. You can easily access your alert taskbar through desktop and mobile devices. Consider the size of your company, depending on the nature of your business, your policies and integration may already be in place.

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